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Words, words, words. Does anyone even read them anymore? Yes, if you bring fresh ideas to an interested audience.

Over the last several years I’ve transitioned from a print magazine editor and journalist to a digital content strategist. And, while the mediums are different, the formula for winning readers continues to be the same: Select a topic that’s intriguing, research it until you’re an expert by osmosis, then write it up in a straightforward way that speaks to your audience.

Rinse and repeat, checking clicks, open rates, shares, and more to gauge what’s resonating with your readers and distill which topics to further explore. Read More


Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes, from money and fame to passion and family. For me, curiosity has been my driving force.

As a journalist, I’ve been fortunate enough to make a living by doing research and asking questions. As a coach, I’ve helped clients get curious about their own desires—and what’s really holding them back.

This quest to learn—about facts, about people—has informed everything I do, and made the world a whole lot more interesting. Not sure how to tap this skill? As a mentor once told me, “Just get curious.” Ask questions, then ask some more. You’ll be surprised where they take you.


Is this it? What if the answer to that question was yes? That life will just keep going the way it’s been going. Would you be in a better or worse place in 6 months–or 6 years?

The people I work with have realized the track they’re on isn’t sustainable, or satisfying. My clients are ready to make shifts in their health, their relationships, their work, and ultimately their way of being in the world. 

Do you want to lose weight, have more energy to do the things you love, brush off stress more easily, or feel fulfilled on a regular basis? If so, our work together can help you make your daunting dreams take shape. Read More