Words, words, words. Does anyone even read them anymore? Yes, if you bring fresh ideas to an interested audience.

Over the last several years I’ve transitioned from a print magazine editor and journalist to a digital content strategist. And, while the mediums are different, the formula for winning readers continues to be the same: Select a topic that’s intriguing, research it until you’re an expert by osmosis, then write it up in a straightforward way that speaks to your audience.

Rinse and repeat, checking clicks, open rates, shares, and more to gauge what’s resonating with your readers and distill which topics to further explore.

You may find some of my recent articles in magazines such as Real Simple, Weight Watchers, and Family Circle.

Since mid 2017, I’ve been doing a deep dive into the world of food and technology, helping launch a blog for Kerry, the taste and nutrition company where I’m currently Digital Content Marketing Manager.