Work Out Without the Gym

Sometimes I have an internal struggle between wanting to go to the gym to work out and not wanting to leave the house. (I live in rainy Portland, OR, after all!) But you can work out without the gym. You can get in a good fitness session without even picking up any workout equipment!

Take tonight for example. I’m a devout member of Classpass. I love trying new workouts and varying my routine. Lately, I’ve been doing bootcamp once a week, hot yoga once or twice a week, barre once or twice a week, and maybe a Pilates class too.

But tonight there were no classes I wanted to go to. Even the gyms near me were offering random workouts. So I dug deep in my memory and remembered that not only do I know a ton of moves I can do on my own–I’ve literally interviewed hundreds of fitness pros about the best ways to work out without the gym!

I googled Jessica Cassity + Real Simple and unearthed this treasure–a workout from my friend Michele Olson, PhD, a big-time fitness professor and fitness DVD star. Boom!

jessica cassity real simple work out without the gym

Fun, right? And such a good reminder that some of the best moves to do are the same ones we learned in gym class many, many years ago. 

Not only do you not need gym equipment to do this workout, you really don’t even need to change into gym clothes. (At least I didn’t!)

Try this workout the next time you–like me–would rather hunker down than hit the gym! It only takes about 10 minutes, and you’ll feel so much better after you finish!

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