Meditation Habit Week 5: It’s Goal Time!

With every life change there’s a tipping point, when this new action or thought starts to feel a little more routine and a little more worthwhile. That happened for me this week. I have a feeling it may be a long time before meditation becomes automatic, or something I crave. But for now it feels like something I truly benefit from, which is enough to get me going.

So far in this coaching process I’ve identified what I wanted to gain–a deeper connection to myself and my clients–as well as how I wanted to feel (grounded). I knew from the start meditation was the way to get these things, and I’ve been experimenting with the best times and ways to do it. (So far I’m into Headspace and 10% Happier–both have free introductory trials!)

Five weeks and a lot of soul-searching in, I’m finally at the part of the process most people want to start with: Setting a goal. Watch this video to see the goal I’ve chosen for myself.