How Practice is the Main Ingredient to “Nailing It”

Being a coach and being a journalist are a lot alike–curiosity is a requirement. (Read: The better questions I ask, the better answers I get.) This past week–smack in the middle of the Olympics–I got an assignment about “Nailing It” in competition. I spoke with a sports psychologist and my colleague–who was down in Rio!–spoke with a trio of Olympic athletes, including Simone Biles. (Woohoo!)

The resulting piece about¬†“Nailing it in Competition”¬†describes what it feels like to be in the zone (cool and calm), what an athlete is thinking when this happens (most likely nothing), and what it takes to get there (LOTS of practice!).

Sure, these were Olympic athletes talking about how they gave the games in Rio their absolute best effort, but the main message they share can really apply to anyone, and any goal. It takes practice to get something right. Doing is the first step toward winning. And sure, it won’t always work, or be easy, but if you practice enough you will eventually nail it.