Meditation Habit Week 4: Change is Happening!

Last week I wrote about there being no real timeline for establishing a habit. However, there is a timeline for how long it generally takes to see change. For weight loss, my longtime story source Michele Olson, PhD, professor of exercise science at Auburn University, suggests that after 3-4 weeks you’ll start to see results. (If you’re looking for fitness results, try this workout Michele and I collaborated on for Real Simple.)

I’m pretty sure this holds true for other types of change too: After 3-4 weeks of sticking with a new healthy habit you’ll start to reap the benefits. Not surprisingly, once you start to experience a payoff, it gets a whole lot easier to do. And just like that, a habit is formed.

It’s happening for me with meditation. I’ve been meditating more regularly–not daily, but usually a few times a week–and I’ve noticed that it’s actually having a big effect on my life. In this video I share two ways I’ve seen an impact.