Meditation Habit Week 3: Vision and Experimentation

Whoever said it takes 21 days to build a habit was dead wrong. (I covered this for the Huffington Post a few years ago.) Behavior change isn’t easy. For it to work, you have to really want whatever’s waiting for you at the other side. This week I did some work on this piece–motivation.

For my clients, the best motivation is usually a really strong and clear vision of what the future could look like. This vision helps define what changes need to be made and helps create a focal point in a¬†fast moving world where we’re all juggling competing priorities.

I’ve been dancing around this one a bit, but for me, the vision is me almost moving in slow motion. Walking through life in a thoughtful way, rather than the frantic, eating-lunch-as-I-drive-to-an-appointment sort of way I live now.

I talk about that vision here in my fourth video, along with some lessons on what is and isn’t working as I try to fit meditation into my life.