Meditation Habit Week 2: What Works, What Doesn’t?

I know I want to meditate, and thanks to last week’s work I’ve figured out the “why” behind this desire. But, as a failed meditater–who has stopped and started many times in the past–I wanted to look at past attempts and identify what has worked and what hasn’t.

I did a full review and I made some changes in two areas of my life to make this practice come a little more naturally. It was a good start. I feel a lot closer to realizing this goal and even meditated a few times this week.

Here’s a look at how that went:

I know I’m still lacking some motivation–that self-knowledge that’s going to make this change sticky enough for me to actually do. And I don’t have a set routine. So there’s still work to be done. I’ll post again on my progress next week!