Meditation Habit, Week 1: Identifying the Why

Are you waiting to hear how many times I meditated this past week? Drumroll please…

None. I meditated zero times since committing to form a meditation habit. But there’s good reason for that.  I’m not just going to set a goal and get going. That doesn’t work for me, or for most people. Knowing what you want to do isn’t the problem.  To make a change, you must know why you want to do this new thing. In order to disrupt your life, and get out of your comfort zone ,you have to get clear about what makes this change important enough to do.

I love the idea of stress reduction and being less reactive to challenging situations. I’ve been joking that I’ll know the meditation is working when I stop flipping off other drivers during rush hour. (I know. I know.)

I’ve spent this last week really thinking about what’s drawing me back to meditation and I’ve come up with a good answer—one that surprised me. 

I spell it out in this video update.

(Keep scrolling down to see the image I made for myself to hold onto this idea.)

Here’s the mantra image I made to remind me of my reason to start meditating: