Meditation Habit, Week 0: How Coaching Can Help

I’ve tried to establish a meditation practice several times in the past. I’d do it a few times when I was feeling particularly stressed or uncertain about a decision, then give up the habit as soon as everything felt back on track.

For me, meditation was always a tool stored in the emergency kit–there to be used in a crisis, then stored away until the next one.

But I know from all of the articles I’ve written about meditation that it’s benefits are felt most when done on a daily basis. (For more, see the articles listed at the bottom of this page.)

It’s only with consistency that you become less reactive in stressful situations, that you experience greater well-being, that you’re really able to live in the moment more.

Meditation is a commitment. One you make if you want to truly be healthier and happier. 

So, I’m ready to do it. For real. To stay accountable, and to document how this whole coaching thing works, I’m going to be blogging and recording short videos as I go, updating the steps I take and the progress I make.

Here’s the first video. Check back each week to follow me on this journey!