Keep Your Goals in Sight

I have a theory about why I don’t always take the action steps necessary to meet my goals: I simply forget! It’s that old truth: “Out of sight, out of mind.” When I don’t have a visual reminder around, it can be easy to forget what I’m working toward or how I intend to get there.

Does this ring true for you?

I love trying new recipes. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, learning new techniques, working with new ingredients, and devouring the fruits of my labor. I find cooking relaxing, but this newness makes it really exciting, too.

My favorite way to find new foods to make is looking through magazines and tearing out anything that looks good. (Because I worked as a magazine editor for a dozen years I used to hold magazines sacred. Not anymore–now I rip and recycle!) After I’ve gathered those yummy finds, what do I do? I shove them in a binder on the bottom shelf of my book case.

No wonder I keep making the same old things!

A few weeks ago I had a fit of inspiration: Why not compile all of my finds on a clipboard in my kitchen, and make whatever recipe winds up on top?


Last night I made the most delicious chicken dish from Sunset magazine. It was easy to make and full of flavors I love but don’t always use. Best of all I didn’t have to agonize over “What should I make for dinner?” I just fixed the recipe that came up on top. (I made this decision earlier in the day, so I had plenty of time to grocery shop.)

Does this idea speak to you? Are there any ways you could get closer to the life you want, simply by putting some of the tools and inspiration you need in your line of sight? Your best life is truly within reach. Keep coming up with ideas to help you get there!

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