100 Calorie Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t just something I write about. Like you, I’ve put a lot of time and effort into my attempts to lose weight.

Not all too long ago I regained the same 10 pounds I’ve seen come and go several times before. I was frustrated. Annoyed. And ready to get back to my happy weight once and for all. So I decided to change my approach to slimming down.

Rather than lose weight by making big changes, I tackled weight loss 100 calories at a time. I even put together a free weight loss plan you can follow, based on the program I designed for myself.

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But before we talk about weight loss, let’s talk about weight gain. Here’s the way weight gain usually happens for me:

It starts when I’m at a place where I feel good about what I weigh and how I feel. Feeling confident, I slowly start to shed the healthy habits that got me there, thinking I’ll be fine.

I stop working out as frequently. My portions get larger. Unhealthy foods make it onto my plate more frequently. I spend more time sitting. My plans start to include more dinners out. I use my car more than my bike. My weekly cocktail count goes up. 

Before I know it, my pants are tight, my fitness levels are down, and I am craving sugar and sweets all day long. (Sound familiar?)

If you need a visual, this overripe tomato looks the way my pants feel after shedding my healthy habits. (See how that seam is just about to split open?!)


tomato erase 100 calories Jessica Cassity

The last time I gained those same 10 pounds I took the advice I’ve doled out in magazines and on morning shows: I lost weight one small change at a time.

Small changes really do add up to sustainable weight loss. (Try it yourself: Download Erase 100 Extra Calories!) To shed this extra weight I decided to tackle 100 calories at a time.

  • I could burn off 100 calories by moving more. (Think traditional exercise as well as things like walking more, cleaning the house, and even standing.)
  • I could eliminate 100 calories from my diet. (Think eating open-face sandwiches, going meatless more often, and forgoing sweeteners in my tea.)

Depending on how fast I wanted to lose weight, I erase more or fewer calories each day. For most of the plan, I burned around 500 extra calories each day, or around 1 pound of weight lost each week.

Before long I was back into my favorite jeans. Plus I had more energy, slept better, felt better, and had fewer cravings for unhealthy foods. Best of all, many of the healthy habits I adopted stuck. So this way of eating and moving is a part of my everyday life.

I compiled some of the many ways I erased 100 calories through diet and exercise into an easy-to-follow weight loss plan.  If you’ve made it this far without downloading the guide, what are you waiting for? 

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FREE weight loss plan!

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